Kreuzberg 3
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin

W-15 / Closer

Workshop with Guy Dartnell, Martin Gent
In the frame of Winter Tanz 2019/20

Closer aims to help people re-position themselves in relationship to their creativity, enabling them to discover, strengthen & embody the paradox between their particular and universal selves. Within this people are supported to consider that what might at first seem contradictory and even ludicrous, may contain something essential that can become their touchstone. Through developing a paradoxically committed and dispassionate response to what is emerging within and around them, participants are encouraged to challenge their perceptions of self and other, inside and outside, being with and letting go of ego. Thereby Closer employs an immersive, playful and reflective process, crossing the realms of: Extended Voice work; Movement and Physical Theatre; Processwork; Fine Art Practice; Meditative and Shamanistic practice, Journaling as well as individual and group reflection.

Guy Dartnell

Guy Dartnell is an inter/national award winning solo and collaborative artist. He is a specialist in voice-movement integration. His meditation focused work includes the participatory installation Inward Out. He is the co-creator of Oogly Boogly for babies and long time associate of Improbable and Lone Twin Theatre. He co-runs the Peripheral Spaces project and Earl Street Creative Space in Hastings.

Martin Gent

Martin J Gent is director, performer, artist, working in visual & performing arts. Trained in physical theatre, worked with many performance companies and was co-artistic director of dA dA dUMB. Consultant to organisations using arts practice in leadership & culture change. Trustee of RSPOPUK & of Home Live Art. 10 year investigation into shamanic practice. Support Advisor to the Cultural Sector in Norfolk & Suffolk. MA Art in Architecture.

Level: Open
In English
Not barrier-free
With Break