Galerie Ebensperger Stage

Invasive Hospitality

Lecture-Performance by Alice Chauchat, Siegmar Zacharias
In the frame of 8th Tanznacht Berlin 2014

The lecture performance Invasive Hospitality is a dialogue between two people. It is based on 3 rules. 1) They draw concepts and explain them. 2) They may only interrupt each other with the phrase “this reminds me of the song…” mentioning the title, the author and why they are thinking of it right now.  3) They go over the drawings again using them as diagrams to talk about performance. Some of the realized concepts are: Hospitality (Derridy), Love (Badiou), Nothingness, Representation (Garcia).

Invasive Hospitality is an exercise in thinking together in churning over how we think when we think about what we think. It explores how performance strategies create their own space, dynamics and frictional points in juxtaposing high and low culture, material and theory, image and word, private and public, repetition and ellipsis. Siegmar Zacharias created the format in collaboration with Sophia New and invites guests / colleagues to build a glossary of performance vis á vis theory. At 8. Tanznacht Berlin the invited guest is choreographer Alice Chauchat.

Concept: Siegmar ZachariasGuest: Alice ChauchatEarlier versions: documenta13/critical art ensemble Kassel, MDT Stockholm, critical path, Sydney

Alice Chauchat

Alice Chauchat is a choreographer, dancer, assistant, teacher, etc. She choreographs mostly in collaboration with other artists and co-developed numerous platforms for the production and exchange of knowledge in the performing arts (everybodystoolbox, PAF, praticable). From 2010-12, she was Co-Artistic Director for Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers. Recently, her choreographic practice has been geared towards processing the knowledge and complexity of collaborative practices into an aesthetic experience. www.alicechauchat.net

Siegmar Zacharias

Siegmar Zacharias studied philosophy, comparative literature & performance art. She now works in theory and practice in the field of performance. She works in situations of embodied thinking together through matters and matter. This practice collides approaches from philosophy, with pop culture, science and parascience, observing and realising the entanglement of the relations of human and non-human actors in different constellations into an ecology of performance.  Her works develop formats of performances, lectures, installations, discursive formats and sharing, dealing with questions of  agency, the contract of the willful suspension of disbelief and the critical substance it produces.They are situated between labour and humour, do-it-yourself low tech and high tech. They have been presented nationally and internationally at festivals, in theatres, galleries, green houses, clubs, the woods, and up in the sky.  She is the co-founder of the transdisciplinary group SXS Enterprise and initiator of Women On Work- WOW We work here, a platform  of exchange of Berlin based artists. www.siegmarzacharias.com

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