TanzZeit Jugendcompany, Kadir Amigo Memis

In the frame of 8th Tanznacht Berlin 2014

What rights are important to me and how do I enforce them? What can I do, in order not to be overlooked? Do people pay me more attention when I dance rather than talk? 55 young people were invited to work on these questions together with three professional choreographers from the hip-hop scene for the “Empört Euch!” TanzZeit Festival in November 2013. The three pieces that resulted were presented in schools as well as on two evenings in the dance studio in Podewil. Kadir Amigo Memis’s (the choreographer and co-founder of Flying Steps) piece Kellerkinder explores young peoples’ experiences with comments, opinions and trolling on sites like YouTube and Facebook. How do young people deal with anonymity and plurality as well as the overwhelming amount of information and degrading commentary on the Internet that demand our attention and want to shock, hurt and sometimes even kill?

ChoreographyKadir,Amigo’ Memis Dancers: Ben Hasan Al-Rim, Selin Dörtkades, Esther Roth, Franziska Doffin, Hanna Wittbecker. Choreography: Kadir Amigo Memis. Supported by the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science Berlin, Vincentino e.V. and the Project Fund for Cultural Education.

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