Features of Folkore: Transgressing Regional Dances


In the frame of Open Spaces #1-2014

Salon with lectures, talks, performance in preparation of the 8th Tanznacht Berlin 2014. The 8th Tanznacht Berlin festival wants to explore the complex relations of contemporary dance to its origins and traditions. Choreo-graphers from many regions of the world are active in Berlin. Their backgrounds, influences, aesthetics are marked by diverse cultural experience. What are the traditions in the context of Berlin, and where do they gain visibility? A Salon invites researchers and artists to discuss aspects of folklore from various perspectives. Questions of social impact, political manipulations, potentials for resistance or counter-national implications will be raised and evaluated with the public.

With Jens Richard Giersdorf (Marymount Manhattan College, New York), Berna Kurt (Aydın University, Istanbul), Raphael Hillebrand (Berlin), Jasmin Ihraç (Berlin/Leipzig), Jochen Roller (Berlin), Christoph Winkler (Berlin) | Moderation: Franz Anton Cramer | 
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Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin Free Admission Igor Kakowiak