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Meditation on Non Destruction

Performance by Felix Mathias Ott, Dmitry Paranyushkin
In the frame of Open Spaces #3-2015

Do strategies exist to prevent conflicts from escalating? How do we dissolve tensions? How do we remove violence from aggression? Felix Ott and Dmitry Paranushkin investigate the Russian military martial arts system and explore training methods used in the conduct of war. To do this they use movement principles that have been tried and tested in genuine war and battle situations. Thus they take the idea of war back to its source: away from destruction and towards adaptability. The conduct of war becomes a dance practice and dance is integrated into war scenarios.

Concept, artistic direction, performance: Felix M. Ott, Dmitry Paranyushkin | Dramaturgy: Diego Agullo | A production of Felix M. Ott in coproduction with Tanzfabrik Berlin, supported by advancing performing arts project- Performing Europe.

Felix Mathias Ott

Felix Mathias Ott born in South Germany, has been living and working in Berlin for 15 years. He initially studied stage design and later contemporary dance, context and choreography as part of the pilot programme of HZT Berlin. Ott works as a performer and has been touring his own productions across Europe and Asia since 2011.His personal creation and research is supported by the European network APAP - advancing performing arts project. Felix‘ work tends to create reflexive, more than conceptual, spaces where the spectator is invited to discover the and his/her unconscious world. www.felixmathiasott.com

Dmitry Paranyushkin

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Double bill with Sergiu Matis, Madalina Dan