Uferstudios 4
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin
Photo: Thomas Schaupp


Performative Installation by Aline Landreau
In the frame of Open Spaces #3-2015

Appearances triptych | Part 3

“Blur!” explores our perceptive processes, such as identification, localization and composition, which frame a certain subjective reality. By means of immersion through the fog - a homogenous as well as unstable material - the piece points out our relationship with the unknown and with disorientation, being lost, and maybe finding oneself again. While blurring the boundaries between matters and taking apart the visibility imperative, the project scrutinizes a physicality from depths, in which a human figure maneuvers space components as much as her potential statuses and identities.

Concept, sounddesign, performance: Aline Landreau | Light design: Bruno Pocheron | Dramaturgical advice: Thomas Schaupp | A performance by Aline Landreau with friendly support of Ballhaus Ost and 100° Festival.

Aline Landreau

In her work, choreographer, performer and sound-designer Aline Landreau intertwines textures and environments to question processes of recognition and particularly the possible forms of loss within performing art. Her different projects are questioning the conditions of a wider human perception, such as "Blur!" presented during Open Spaces festival with Tanzfabrik in 2015 and at The Nest festival in Bahrein, and the solo "Vox" created in 2016 at Tanztage, Sophiensale Berlin and showed at ImPulsTanz festival Vienna. She graduated from the Formation d'Artiste Chorégraphique and then the Essais master program at CNDC d'Angers under the direction of Emmanuelle Huynh. Aline also works as performer or assistant with choreographers such as Loïc Touzé, Emmanuelle Huynh and lately with Vincent Dupont, and co-founded in 2010 the artistic platform Météores based in Nantes, that aims to activate a supportive working community within the contemporary performing arts scene. Aline gives regularly workshops, guided by a continuous interest for somatic technics and improvisation. She currently works between Nantes and Berlin.  www.alinelandreau.com