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Videostill: »Das Lachen der Antonia Baehr«

Das Lachen der Antonia Baehr

Filmdokumentation · Lecture Performance · Gespräch by Antonia Baehr
In the frame of Open Spaces - Laughing & Loving

In the film documentary, »Das Lachen der Antonia Baehr«, biologist Silke Kipper brings into view the special value of the stage as a place of laughter research, in mutual exchange with the artist. In the following lecture performance Antonia Baehr refers to her performance »Laugh« (2008), in which she explores this expression as a sovereign entity, in separation from causal baggage; jokes, tickles, narrative, humor looking at the thing itself: the sound and shape, the music, choreography and drama, the rhythm. Laughter as a group phenomenon and simultaneously as an object of empirical examinations reveals a seemingly endless richness of facets.

I like to laugh. I laugh often. I am often seen laughing.

Lecture Performance by and with Antonia Baehr | Talk: Antonia Baehr with Bettina Knaup | Filmdocumentation: »Das Lachen der Antonia Baehr«, a project by Europäische Medienwissenschaft in cooperation with fabrik Potsdam with EMW students supervised by Prof. Anne Quirynen, Fachhochschule Potsdam/Universität Potsdam | This presentation is supported by radialsystem.

Antonia Baehr

Antonia Baehr set out one day by foot from a house in the countryside as a young explorer, performing puppet shows in town squares for her daily bread. After studying and making things, Antonia Baehr also became Werner Hirsch the dancer and horse whisperer who made films and the producer of Werner Hirsch, the musician and choreographer Henri Fleur, the composer Henry Wilt and the husband Henry Wilde. She delighted in teaching young artists at colleges and by now her work explored the fiction of the everyday and of the theatre, among other themes, often working with other artists and other scores. Then something extraordinary happened and she was invited to The Beursschouwburg in Brussels, to present an event full of the work of Baehr's and Hirsch's and of all the friends who had done things with her before. It was very lovely and there was a lot of laughing like in the book “Rire / Laugh / Lachen”. And when that was over and the confetti was swept away, a new book full of portraits of affinities in animal metaphors was made filled with pictures, scores and etchings, which followed the performance, “Abecedarium Bestiarium” which performed in Columbia and Japan and there was more along the way; “Larry Peacock”, “My Dog Is My Piano”, "For Ida", the radio plays, “For Faces”, “Merci”, “Rire / Laugh / Lachen” and that is not in any order, but it all tumbled out into the sea where she wrote “Des miss et des mystères“ with Olivier, and in the middle and near the end of that she danced Tango, fell in and out of love, celebrated her parents paintings, and started making a new normal dance with her friends who are not at all dancers, but some are. www.make-up-productions.net

Duration: 120 minutes
Tickets: 9/5€