Les Imprédictibles

Experiment · Premiere

Corbusier , Felix Mathias Ott

In the frame of Open Spaces - Laughing & Loving

The common interest in being confronted with unpredictable situations brought together the artists Corbusier and Felix Mathias Ott. After several sessions in a dance studio, where mutual love, respect and an artistic exchange was deve- loped, they decided to start the collaboration »Les Imprédictibles«, a duet between a human being and a cat. Within that construction they will explore the unpredictability of their collaboration. The un- folding of their relationship becomes a choreographic architecture where the material can only be integrity.

The dependencies, adaptations and alienations become a source of inspiration.The attempt of creating a moment of truth a goal to reach.

Concept, choreography, performance: Corbusier, Felix Mathias Ott | Artistic advice: Amandine Cheveau | Stage: Felix Mathias Ott | Production management: Inge Zysk | Thanks to: Daniele Drobny, Henrich Jelinek. Supported by apap-Performing Europe 2020, cofunded by the Creative Europe Programm of the European Union.

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  • Wedding 1
Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin

Tickets: 15/10€

Photo: Georg Baur