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Gerard Reyes

In the frame of Open Spaces - Laughing & Loving

The canadian artist Gerard Reyes raises the question what if we had sex without shame, gathered in sex-positive practice spaces to get curious about our bodies and fantasies, and dedicated time everyday to having solo sex with the goal of a deeper connection? In the year 2020 a tribe of post-human sex geeks has joined forces to raise humans’ Sexological Intelligence (SI) before it is wiped out by social fear and degraded by digital disembodiment. A series of their physical practices will be relayed through expansive somatics, cosmic demos and documentary videos that will stretch the human mind and body towards greater sensation, connection and curiosity!

Posthuman sex geeks boost humans' Sexological Intelligence (SI).

Direction, choreography, performance: Gerard Reyes | Performance: Susan Paulson, Dustin Suarez, Bishop Black, Jasko Fide, JorgeTheObscene, Mara Morgen, KAy Garnellen, Rebecca Jackson, Caritia, Pina Brutal, Valentin Braun | Composition: Devon Bate | Sculpture: Jasmine Reimer | Costume: SADAK | Light design: Marie-Aube St-Amant Duplessis | Production: Gerard Reyes | International Distribution: Plan B Hamburg | Coproduction: Festival TransAmériques | Supported by Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Goethe Institut Montréal.

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Photo: Poppy Sanchez