Studio 13 und Ladenlokale in der Badstraße Stage
Photo: Elly Clarke

On Tradition (1 Street - 12 people - 12 Films)

Videoinstallation by Jo Parkes
In the frame of Tanznacht-Forum 2015

They come from Lebanon, Turkey, Germany, Iraq, the Gaza strip, South Korea and Pakistan: dance/video artist Jo Parkes has worked with 12 people who have their shops in Badstraße in Berlin to investigate the role of tradition in their lives. What do you do which your parentsdid before you? How do you do it differently? How do your children do it differently? The result is a series of 12 short video portraits forming a video installation on Badstraße.

The projekt "On Tradition" is part of "In Residence", an annual project with teams of artists working at Badstraße. Since 2012 dance artists are in summer „in residence“ at different shops at Badstr. The project is developed by Jo Parkes and Inge Koks and is artistically led by Jo Parkes/Mobile Dance, working in partnership with Tanzfabrik Berline.V.

4.9. 17:00-19:00 Vernissage / 5. -18.9. 11:00-19:00 (Sundays closed)

In different languages with German and English subtitles

The artistic team of "On Tradition" is: Jo Parkes (artistic director), Sven O. Hill (camera), Lena Hatebut (Cut), Florian Bilbao (dance/dramaturgy), Mattef Kuhlmey (music) und Sophie Brunner und Ayse Advic (community liaison). Elly Clarke accompanies the project as photographer. A coproduction with Tanzfabrik Berlin e.V. Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste and Kofinanzierungsfonds der Berliner Kulturverwaltung.

Jo Parkes

Jo Parkes is a freelance dance artist / director (D / UK). She creates participatory pieces: installations, performance for public spaces and for video. Jo is the founder and artistic director of Mobile Dance e.V. Mobile Dance works socially engaged with co-creative processes, often with people with difficult access to participatory artistic work, among others in the international video series "Postcards from ..." (2009 - 2017) and since 2014 JUNCTION, a program of dance and video workshops in five accommodations for refugees in Berlin. Jo is internationally invited as a guest lecturer in Community Dance, i.e. DOCH, University of Bern, UdK, HZT. In 1995 Jo received a Fulbright scholarship to study. She graduated in choreography at the University of California (UCLA), earned a First Class degree in English Literature and English at the University of Oxford, and won the Bonnie Bird Award New Choreography in 2002. In 2009, she received the project " Postcards from Berlin" the children for the Olympic Award. In 2016, she received a scholarship from the Berlin Senate. The piece "On Tradition: the young generation" would be invited to dance meetings of the Youth. www.mobile-dance.com www.joparkes.com

Free Admission