Uferstudios 4
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin
Photo: Nellie de Boer

Togethering, a group solo

Performance by Alice Chauchat
In the frame of Tanznacht-Forum 2015

'Togethering, a group solo' embraces dance as an expression, a social activity and a collective process. Presenting us with a series of proposals in which dance is both a means and an end to togetherness, including a lecture on speech and agreement within groups, a telepathic dance and a poetry reading, Alice Chauchat shares some aspects of the collective imagination she has been practicing over the past 15 years in the field of dance and choreography.

Length: about 40 minutes

in English

Dance, text, performance: Alice Chauchat Production: Alice Chauchat, with the support of the Theaterschool (Amsterdam) 

Thanks to Eva Meyer-Keller, TheaterHaus Mitte (Berlin) and Eden studios (Berlin) for giving me access to their spaces. I also want to express my gratitude to the colleagues and friends who joined and nourished this process by dancing and talking with me over the last 18 months: Michael, Michelle, Günther, Sher, Jeroen, Velvet, Siegmar, Cécile, Christine, Alix, Peter, Dave, Eva, Jennifer, Silke, Ellen, Anne, Valentina, Mark, Keith, Mårten, Philippe, Raimundas, Arielle, Angela, Doug, Sara, Catarina, Ellen, Janine, Gabi, Méheli, Sarah, Thea, Sara, Mattew, Asher, Agata, Joséphine, Katharina, Rosalind, Roni, Laurie, Uri, Louise, Julia, Asaf, Xenia, Hana, Ana, Jennifer, Anne, Sonia, Elise, Alice, Zinzi, Mor, Sandhya, Stina, Agne, Leah, Antonia, Antonija, Selene, Ines, Hamish, Nicola, Amaara, Seke, Tatiana, Naomi, Martin, Cristina, Karen, Tina, David, Jamie, Kathy, Carolyn, Janine, Monique, Romany, Sophie, Andrew, Jonathan, Helka, Catherine, Meg, Greg, Eroca, David, Nichole, Patricia, Rebecca, Gabrielle, Thomas, Annie, Loren, Mairi, Tina, Meryeum, Oriah, Lo, Miruna, Ara, Amelia, Robert, Amanda, Lee, Simon, Dana, Emi, Robert, Anne, Robyn, Emma, as well as Yves, and all the other companions whose stories I tell like fables. This work wouldn't exist without you.

Alice Chauchat

Alice Chauchat is a choreographer, dancer, assistant, teacher, etc. She choreographs mostly in collaboration with other artists and co-developed numerous platforms for the production and exchange of knowledge in the performing arts (everybodystoolbox, PAF, praticable). From 2010-12, she was Co-Artistic Director for Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers. Recently, her choreographic practice has been geared towards processing the knowledge and complexity of collaborative practices into an aesthetic experience. www.alicechauchat.net