One Family! – Axis Syllabus & the Sentient

Online Workshop with Frey Faust
In the frame of Winter Tanz 2020/21

A brief, suggestive study, adoption and celebration of some movement patterns we can benefit from or share with other animals. We are built from the same materials as all organic life, starting with carbon, oxygen and hydrogen – the main components of water – and its biological conduit, collagen. Collagen fibers hold form and create substance for both plant and animal kingdoms. This makes for many similar if not identical movement possibilities we can have with all life on our dainty little dewdrop of a planet. While humans seem unspecified physically, and define their skills through habit rather than instinct, other animals seem to have superior skills that are specifically adapted to their evolutionary niche. This might be why humans throughout the ages have looked to both aquatic and mammalian neighbors as brilliant examples of guarded sincerity, alertness, speed, accuracy, strength and flexibility. In this workshop Frey Faust – against the backdrop of his collection of biochemical movement information called ‘The Axis Syllabus’ – will share detailed observations made on a few specific creatures, and use these observations to develop movement fractals to practice together. Movement fractals are concepts which, once internalized, are material for creative play, rather than choreographic replication. We will also study and absorb some examples during the class through studying video documentation of other animals that the participants are welcome to bring and share.

Please note: Due to the current situation the workshop will take place online!

Frey Faust

Frey Faust practiced Pantomime, Ballet, Aikido, African Dance, Modern, Percussion, Capoeira, Contact Improvisation; worked with David Parsons, Merce Cunningham, Randy Warshaw, Meredith Monk, Donald Byrd, Stephen Petronio and others. He is author of the book and originator of 'The Axis Syllabus'.  www.axissyllabus.org
Level: Movement experience
In English
Prices: 120€ (100€*)
*Early Bird until 16.12.20