Katrin Geller

Katrin Geller has worked as a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher in Berlin scine 1994. She went through an early classical ballet training at the Schleswig-Holstein-Ballet-Boarding-school (scholarship), in the USA and at the Ballet-Academie Hans Vogl in Berlin. 1993 she completed her final stage examination at the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Since 1994, she has become more interested in dance theater and performance. She has worked with various international artists, including Robert Poole, Sommer Ulrikson, Christine De Smedt, Ami Garmon, Marco Berrettini, Yuko Kaseki and the Achim Freyer ensemble. In recent years, she has worked more intensely on improvisation and has taken part and organized various improvisation evenings. Together with Britta Pudelko she founded the dance company Pathfinders in 1997, which showed dance productions at the Tanztage in Berlin and on several dance festivals. Katrin Geller´s approach is based on classical ballet, modern and improvisational techniques, as well as experiences in partnering and release technique. With the Fool, Daniela Schlemm, she researches and develops the combination of “dance, sound and word“ (in the sense of Laban-Today). She completed training as a CLMA (Certified Laban Movement Analyst in Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies) and has been teaching dance in Berlin dance schools for years. The deliberate inclusion of LBBS into the respective style of dance – she teaches ballet, childrens dance, contemporary and body works – gives her teaching a deeper foundation.

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