Chaim Gebber

Chaim Gebber, Brazilian choreographer, dancer and dance teacher, has been working with various companies of the brazilian dance scene. His work “Pressagios da loucura” (1993) was named the best choreography of the year from UNESCO and CIDC (Conseil International de la danse, Paris). In Germany he held engagements as a teacher and solo dancer at several theatres and private companies. 2005 he decided to work on his own dance projects in Berlin. 2007 - 2011 Chaim Gebber has also been living and working in Shanghai, China. His choreographies have been shown in Europe, Brazil and Asia. Chaim Gebber is teaching professional dancers in dance companies around the globe: Cia. de Danca do Palácio das Artes (BR), National Theatre Darmstadt (GER), National Theatre Kassel (GER), Jin Xing Dance Theatre (CH), Beijing Contemporary Dance Theatre (CH), Architanz (JP) a.o. www.chaimgebberopenscene.com

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