Yuko Matsuyama

Performing artist (vocal & dance), Pilates based physical trainer. Yuko Matsuyama is a voice and movement artist. Her mother and master of Nihon Buyoh (Japanese classical dance) Fujima Kankyohmi brought her into dance at the age of two. At the age of 17 she joined the musical and Revue company Takarazuka Revue (Japan). During the last three decades she performed countless productions and projects: musical, revue, opera, drama, Tanztheater, concerts, experimental music and improvisation. Since 2010 she is residence artist in Haus Schwarzenberg in Berlin Mitte. In 2017 she received her MA Choreography at HZT Berlin (HfS Ernst Busch and UDK Berlin). Live performance as an experimental platform, she explores the interface between dance and music. Besides collaboration and creation, she works as Pilates based physical trainer as well as lecturer in the performance and performing art field. www.yuhki.de

  1. Kurs Pilates
  2. Workshop WIND – Sound & Movement Improvisation
  3. Kurs Warm Up
  4. Kurs Warm Down