Jee Chan

Jee Chan is an artist, dancer and choreographer whose practices make visible that which is always already there (big and true, just beneath the surface). Their work is often informed by a soft sensitivity to site as well as a sustained interrogation of (post-)colonial power. Paying attention to how histories settle and sediment in the body, they navigate questions surrounding the displaced body and what it can perform. In regarding choreography as an expanded formal proposition, their work has manifested as public interventions, video installations, analogue noise concerts, sculptures, workshops, lengthy conversations, curated spaces, shared meals, photographic series, published texts as well as staged performances. Born in Singapore, they are currently based in Berlin.
Their work has been performed and presented at Dance Nucleus, Singapore; Uferstudios, Berlin; SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin; Studio Plesungan, Surakarta; SWG3, Glasgow; Carico Massimo, Livorno; and Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art, Gadigal / Sydney. They hold a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Performance Practice from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where they were an RCS Undergraduate Scholar. They have also studied Beijing Opera at the Shanghai Theatre Academy on a Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship, and Dance / Context / Choreography at the HZT Berlin on an Erasmus Study Grant.

Jee  Chan