Carrie McILwain

Carrie McILwain is interested in the possibility of artistic performative research to enable other spaces of existence along-side normative structures of reality. During their studies at HZT Berlin in the BA Dance, Context and Choreography (2013-2017), they initiated various collaborative projects, with focuses on being-together (collaboration), applied anarchy, byproducts of the body, ritual and the political character of the witch. In parallel to performance work, they maintain an artistic studio practice in the form of drawing, tattooing and writing.
In 2020 Carrie was invited as co-performer in the series “Late Night Group Therapy” from Susanne Schuda (WUK Theater/Wien). Resulting from a shared interest in the figure of the witch, the Theater Vierte Welt has invited them to perform in the film for the installation/performance “BLOCK| Nuovo Corviale” (planned premiere April 2021) Additionally their text, “For the Love of Dream Boards” was published as part of the collective writing project, “Kultur und Politik im prekären Leben: Solidarität unter Schneeflocken” released by Neofelis Verlag (October 2020)

  1. Showing Time to Meet – Carrie McILwain: The Pile and the Pyre
Carrie  McILwain