Selina Shida Hack

Selina Shida Hack (New York, USA) is a multidisciplinary dance artist and choreographer based in Berlin, Germany. Selina hopes to create works and spaces that connect authentic movement with other mediums to develop intricate & honest visuals. She has roots in Guyana & Japan: a wide-angle view of the world that fuels her joy for constantly exploring new visual techniques inspired by different cultures. She has trained at The Ailey School, SUNY Purchase College, and Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. She has performed works by Martha Graham, Larry Keigwin, Katherine Maxwell, Sidra Bell, and Celia Rowlson-Hall. Her choreographies were presented at the La Spezia Festival, Kaatsbaan Dance Festival, and The Historic Green-Wood Cemetery. Additionally Selina has worked for clients Madonna, CXN Fashion, and Facebook Messenger Rooms.

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