Tiziana Longo

Tiziana Longo is a choreographer, dancer and teacher, co-founder of the Motimaru Dance Company based in Berlin since 2010. Her work ranges from Japanese butoh dance, which she studied in Japan for five years, to movement dramaturgy and composition, in dialogue and contextualization between East and West. On the multidisciplinary intersection of these performance disciplines, in 2021 she won the DisTanzSoloprize with, in progress, a book in completion. From 2004 to 2009 she studied butoh with Yoshito Ohno, son of Kazuo Ohno, and worked with him as a dancer, stage assistant, and simultaneous interpreter of his workshops in Yokohama and on tours abroad. In 2010, she left Japan to begin field research on local and traditional dances in
Japan, India, Nepal, Spain and Bali, in search of a specific methodology for Eastern / Western dance and theatre and common principles for dancers and actors. She studied modern, contemporary Balinese dance with Agun Anom Putra, I Made Djimat. Since 2010 in Berlin she has performed and taught in: Venice Biennale 2010, 9th International Choreography Competition "No Ballet", International Dance Festival Lucky Trimmer 2016, University of Hildesheim, University of Leipzig, Academy of Multimedia Arts Cologne, University of Oulu, etc., in Europe, Asia, Australia in over 35 cities.

  1. Kurs Body of Butoh, Form of Soul
Photo: ChoKaFai