Katarzyna Brzezinska

Katarzyna Brzezinska (*1983 in Warsaw/PL) lives in (Berlin/Freiburg) and works in Germany, France, Switzerland and Poland. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wroclaw (PL) and contemporary dance, improvisation & performance in Silkeborg (DK) and Freiburg (DE). She is an artist in the fields of choreography, dance, performance as well as sculpture and installation. She collaborates with artists in an international context and offers workshops and courses in movement, contact improvisation, somatic performance research, instant composition & embodied choreography. She has been pursuing studies in BMC®, CI, various improvisation approaches and techniques since 2012 and integrating self-embodied anatomy, somatic movement practice, CI tools and deep studies in energy flow and imagination into her artistic research and teaching since 2017. Her own work and artistic research include: Poetry and imagination in relation to tangible and scientific facts of reality, physics and anatomical structures; Layers of human identity and relationships; "Perfect imperfection", and artistic presence. She is also a certified Ilan Lev Method Practitioner and ILM Movement Teacher since 2019 and offers ILM movement courses and treatments for movement amateurs, practitioners and professionals.

  1. Kurs Body-Mind Centering
  2. Kurs Improvisation in Dance Practice