Kerri Fitzsimons

Kerri is a performance artist, mediator and yoga teacher. After graduating from Bath Spa University, she worked as an apprentice dancer for Untold Dance Theatre in Bristol, before moving to Berlin in 2019 to develop her personal practice. Kerri advocates for accessibility in the arts, which is the foundation of her creative process and led her to mediation in contemporary art galleries. In her mediation, choreography and teaching, Kerri aims to make space for people who believe they don’t have the skillset to participate by permitting them to respond intuitively. She has worked as a dancer for choreographers Borghildur Indriðadóttir (Mask City, 2020) and Lore Dekeyser (Little Movements, ada Studios, 2020), and presented her own work at Lake Studios Berlin and DO Festival in Gdańsk, Poland.