radialsystem / Saal EG Stage
Photo: Evan Loxton

Rita Klaus

Performance · Premiere by Martin Hansen
In the frame of Open Spaces - Laughing & Loving

Some time ago a person lived and died. We never met this person, nor did we ever see her, not even her grave. We know she existed by what she left behind, the first thing that we learnt about her was her name, Rita Klaus. She was her own archivist, she kept everything ‘safe’, she saved it. Analogue. We found her archive by accident in a desert. »Rita Klaus« is a new contemporary dance work. A piece for performers and ghosts. »Rita Klaus« drags the past to create an affective, illusory and critical take on remembrance, on theatre as a container for remains and what happens in the ruins of collapsed time?

Haunt me, haunt me do it again.

Concept, choreography, performance: Martin Hansen | Co-creation, performance: Xenia Taniko | Dramaturgy, text: Mila Pavicevic | Sound, composition: Brandon Johnson | Light design: Gretchen Blegen | Set design: Julian Weber | Costume: Evan Loxton | Production: Giulia Messia | Supported by residencies at Tanzhaus Zürich, Dancehouse Melbourne, Marin Držić Theatre Dubrovnik | Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds in coproduction with radialsystem Berlin.

Martin Hansen

Martin Hansen is a choreographer and dancer working between solo and collaborative endeavors in theatres and galleries. Their work has been a way to think through such topics as the biopolitics of the theatre, ghosts and why they haunt us, the problems with dance history's obsession with icon and monument, and suffering and its hopeful cessation.  constructioncompany.dance  

Tickets: 15/10€