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Photo: Ditteke Waidelich

Working Utopias

Sympósion · Gespräche by Christina Ciupke, Anke Strauß
In the frame of Open Spaces#3-2018

»Working Utopias« is a research project of choreographer Christina Ciupke and organisation researcher Anke Strauß that focuses on the social side of artistic work. In the last two years, they have visited various artist-led organizations and initiated dialogues on collaboration, solidarity, situatedness and conditions of their artists’ work-lives. Sharing turned out to operate as utopian principle that needs constant negotiation. The sympósion revolves around the principle of sharing by gathering people around a table for conversations on desires, dreams and longings for diverse relationships that shape and are shaped by their worklives.


By Christina Ciupke and Anke Strauß with Gretchen Blegen, Barbara Greiner, Igor Dobričić, Saskia Schlegel, Lilly Schofield, Caique Tizzi, Ditteke Waidelich and guests. The project »Working Utopias« is funded by the VW Foundation.
Invited guests 26.10.2018: Caique Tizzi (Agora), Norbert Pape (PAF), LuLu Obermayer (KuLe), Stefanie Weismann (KuLe), Ursula Herzborn (KuLe), Eleonora Herder (ID Frankfurt), Simone Willeit (Uferstudios), Elisabeth Wulff-Werthner (Zentralwerk Dresden), Yoav Admoni (Betonest/Ponderosa), Elena Polzer (ehrliche Arbeit), Prof. Saskia Hebert (HBK Braunschweig, Transformation design), Prof. Monika Kostera (Jagiellonian University, Kraków; critical management & organizational research)
Invited guests 27.10.2018: Caique Tizzi (Agora), Norbert Pape (PAF), Eleonora Herder (ID Frankfurt), Elisabeth Wulff-Werthner (Zentralwerk Dresden), Yoav Admoni (Betonest/Ponderosa), Elena Polzer Prof. Karen van den Berg (Zeppelin University, Dr. Michael Hirsch, Prof. Monika Kostera (Jagiellonian University, Kraków; critical management & organizational research)

Christina Ciupke

Christina Ciupke is a choreographer and performer based in Berlin. She develops her projects in cross-media collaborations. Within these projects, specific spaces and situations are created where proximity and distance, intimacy, sense of time and the being together of spectator and performer are constantly being re-negotiated. She has worked intensively with the choreographers Nik Haffner, Mart Kangro, Jasna L. Vinovrški and Ayşe Orhon, the composer Boris Hauf and the dramaturg Igor Dobričić. Since 2020, she has been developing the project «Silent Trio» with visual and performance artist Darko Dragičević. www.christinaciupke.com

Anke Strauß

Dr. Anke Strauß is an organisation researcher interested in relationships between the art and the business sphere, specifically with regard to differing types of knowing, inter-disciplinary collaboration and changing modes of organizing (alternative) work-lives. Having worked at the Social Science Centre Berlin (WZB) on artistic interventions in organisations, she is currently at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen. Together with Christina Ciupke she is working on a project founded by the Volkswagen Foundation on artist-run organizations and the performativity of utopian thinking for (re-)organizing cultural labor.

26.10.  11:00-18:00
27.10.  13:00-18:00
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