Studio 13 - Spezial: Remembering the Future

Supper Talk

In the frame of Open Spaces#3-2018

»Studio 13 - Spezial« hosts a special evening dedicated to the publication »Remembering the Future« in occasion of the 40 Years of Tanzfabrik Berlin. The hosts Peter Stamer and Jacopo Lanteri, together with the guests Claudia Feest, Eva-Maria Hoerster, Franz Anton Cramer and Ludger Orlok, will investigate with passion and even more humour, recurrent topics that are arising from the recently published book. A mysterious international musical guest is also awaited!

Concept: Jacopo Lanteri, Peter Stamer | With Eva-Maria Hoerster, Claudia Feest, Franz Anton Cramer, Ludger Orlok and a special guest.

From January 2019 the new series of »Studio 13: The Drifting Pleasure«

  • Wedding 13
Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin

Admission 5 € (including sausage)
In German and English

Photo: eps51