Wedding 5
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin
Fotocollage: Julian Weber

Sight Seeing

Performance · Premiere with Julian Weber

The fear of invisibility in our digitized world becomes a driving force for physical and choreographic questions. Over the course of this debate, »sight seeing« is confronted with what constitutes a human being and what
constitutes the inhuman. The influence of human beings on the planet has recently become more than visible so that humanity itself can be seen as a geological force. This point of view is used to destabilize the anthropocentric perspective and to conduct research into the fragility of a multi-
dimensional corporeality. In dialogue with Lynn Suemitsu, Julian Weber establishes a temporary living space which invites the spectator to engage in »sight seeing«.

An exploration of the fragility of a multidimensional corporeality.

Choreography, Dance, Stage: Julian Weber | Music: Lynn Suemitsu | Stage: Jonas Maria Droste | Light, Performance: Maika Knoblich | Assistance, Performance: Pierre Marie Besse | Costume: Don Aretino | Production: David Eckelmann, Juan Gabriel Harcha | Support: Hauptstadtkulturfonds | Coproduction: workspacebrussels/Life Long Burning with support by the European Culture Programme and Tanzfabrik Berlin in the frame of apap – Performing Europe 2020, cofunded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


Julian Weber

 Julian Weber is a choreographer/dancer and visual artist. He studied at HBK Brunswick and Academy of Arts Vienna. In 2013 he graduated in dance and choreography at HZT, Berlin. Since then Weber works intensively on spaces of interaction involving body, material and movement. In the last years he took part in several group-exhibitions, had different residences abroad and developed performances and exhibitions. He works with artists like Meg Stuart, Boris Charmatz and Tino Segahl. Weber develops his own works at the interface between choreography and visual art, in which he shifts the formats of exhibition and stage space into one another. In 2015 he won the Berlin Art Prize with his work the tourist.