Uferstudios 16
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin
Foto: Rachel de Joode

Soon you are theirs

Performance by Angela Schubot, Jared Gradinger
In the frame of 8th Tanznacht Berlin 2014

Over the course of last five years, the duo of Schubot/Gradinger, renowned in Berlin and internationally, has developed a very unique and distinctive aesthetic and movement language. With an extreme physicality and radicalness while at the same time in fragile situations of great intimacy, their works continuously confront the question: How can we exist together? What unites all the works is the theme of the dissolution of the body. This remix is the result of a key moment from their most recently presented retrospective at the Hebbel am Ufer. Schubot/Gradinger experiment with material from the successful duets ‘Is Maybe’, ‘What They Are Instead Of’ and ‘I Hope You Die Soon’ and incorporate them into a new work. At the same time, the artists present the work as an offering: a present to the spectators who become part of the ritual themselves. In a gesture of mutual abandonment, new spaces of sound, time and body are created.

A Jared Gradinger & Angela Schubot production. In collaboration with: HAU (Hebbel am Ufer).Supported by the Berlin Major’s Office – Chancellery

Angela Schubot

Angela Schubot, artist, choreographer, and dancer, founded TWO FISH in 2000 together with Martin Clausen. In its ten years of existence they developed 16 pieces in various constellations: international casts of dancers and actors, collaborations, as well as directing, solo works, and group pieces, which have regularly been shown within Germany and abroad. In 2004 she received a grant from ImPulsTanz at Tanzquartier Vienna. She worked with the Theatercombinat Wien, Constanza Macras/Dorky Park, Rosalind Crisp, Benoît Lachambre, Pictoplasma, Andreas Müller, and Rahel de Joode. In 2009 she began collaborating with Jared Gradinger. After the duet What they are instead of which toured nationally and internationally, came their second work, ismaybe, which premiered at the Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin in June 2011. In 2011 she danced the piece Soft Target by Margret Sara Gudjonsdottir at the Tanzoffensive in Leipzig, and will continue this collaboration with Gudjonsdottir in the project Variations on Closer in 2012. Recently Angela Schubot has begun teaching, for instance at the Justus Liebig University in Gießen.

Jared Gradinger

Jared Gradinger is an interdisciplinary artist working in the fields of performance, dance, social art and ecology. Since moving to Berlin in 2002, he has been developing long-term collaborations and unique artistic practices, connecting community and Nature and exploring different forms of co-existence, whilst exploring the question, ‘What can we do together that we cannot do alone? 'He has a long term artistic collaboration with Angela Schubot, with whom he creates extremely physical work dedicated to exploring new forms of co-existence through an unconditional togetherness, most recently in co-creation with Nature. He co-created the Impossible Forest, a 240m2 garden dedicated to the non humans and unseens. He is a co-founding member of Constanza Macras Dorky Park (2002-2009) and the Social Muscle Club (2014-2019). He has ongoing work relationships with Meg Stuart, Liz Rosenfeld, Shelley Etkin, Stefan Rusconi, HAU, Sophiensaele, Uferstudios, Theater o.N. Jared has worked with William Forsythe, Jeremy Wade, Aleesa Cohene and others. He continues to teach and offers mentoring to artists, groups and students.