Uferstudios 4
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin
Photo: Eva Pfitzenmaier


Time to Meet · Work in Progress by Maik Riebort, Eva Pfitzenmaier
In the frame of Open Spaces!

Songs as we have never seen them before and dances as we have never heard them before!

How do songs work in their simplicity and how do they manage to enhance our emotions? Through the deconstruction of well-known songs, the singer and composer Eva Pfitzenmaier and choreo- grapher Maik Riebort explore the interrelatedness of auditory recognition and redesign. With the help of a loop pedal, her voice and her body, Pfitzenmaier creates improvised sound collages. This physical and vocal search for tones can be poetic, in- ventive and even banal at times. What happens when the body sings and the voice dances?

Choreography: Maik Riebort | Performance, Vocalisation, Composition: Eva Pfitzenmaier | Production: Hjordis Steinsvik | Co-production: BIT Teatergarasjen | Supported by Norsk Kulturråd (Norwegen), Bergen Kommune (Norwegen), Fond for Lyd og Bildet (Norwegen).

Maik Riebort

Maik Riebort choreographs, performs, dances and teaches. In 2009 Riebort received an individual scholarship from the Berlin Senate. Collaborations have taken place with artists such as Bahar Temiz, Felix Ott, Keith Hennessy, Ismael Ivo, Prof. Ingo Reulecke, Elisa Müller/ Tom Stromberg and Tino Sehgal. Riebort has been a guest lecturer at the HZT, the Dance Intensive Programme at Tanzfabrik Berlin 2009-2013 and at the UDK Berlin.

Eva Pfitzenmaier

Eva Pfitzenmaier studied music/singing at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and since graduating she has specialised in singing (experimental vocal use with jazz, blues, pop and styles related to traditional music), improvisation and composition. For many years she has also been working interdisciplinary with performance, dance, text, sound installation and video.

Free Admission