Uferstudios 1
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin
Grafik: Heidi Andreasen

The Broken Promise

Installative Performance by Miriam Jakob
In the frame of Open Spaces - How to get in Touch with…

Recurring migratory birds, the tides, captured sound waves; THE BROKEN PROMISE tells of strolling, listening, collecting and processing. In a laboratory-like process, the participating artists developed different paths and channels of communication that became own narratives. Childhood memories, live reports and fictional narratives get entangled with musical algae, reeds and water basins to form a sounding network, an imagined habitat.
 In the current time when traveling is not as easy to realize, the acoustic live stream bridges the spatial distance by means of sonic simultaneity. Together and in different places in Europe, the protagonists examine invented, built-in or unrealizable approaches to so-called nature, to water and its inhabitants. With THE BROKEN PROMISE, Miriam Jakob is continuing her artistic research into the (im) possible and sometimes contradicting levels of relationship between the species. If we consider humans as a complex community of many different organisms, the question of living together arises in a new way.

The performance “THE BROKEN PROMISE” by Miriam Jakob on Sunday 18th at 16:30 hrs is explicitly welcoming children of all ages! Children up to 12 years may visit the show for free accompanied by a parent or a member of the same household, in accordance to Covid-19 regulations. For this, please register before through
Limited seats! Please note that the performance is in English

Miriam Jakob

Miriam Jakob, a Berlin-based choreographer, performer, and artistic researcher, explores representation, accessibility, and inter-species communication through her work. With a focus on personal narratives, socio-political issues, and ecological concerns, her choreography spans installations, film, and collaborative stage productions. Notable projects include "Breathing With" alongside Jana Unmüßig and Lisa Densem, and the ongoing interdisciplinary endeavor "Den Berg Hören – Choreografien des Zerfallens". Miriam holds an MA in Choreography from the Theaterschool of Amsterdam, a BA in Dance, Context, Choreography from HZT, and an MA in Anthropology from FU. She is also an active member of Berlin's ALTES Finanzamt e.V. queer feminist collective.
 Tickets: 15€ / red. 10€ 
Concept, idea: Miriam Jakob, Felix Claßen | Choreography, performance: Signe Lidén, Maija Karhunen, Zeina Hanna, Camilla Vatne Barrat-Due, Miriam Jakob | Dramaturgy: Maja Zimmermann |  Costume, set design: Charlotte Pistorius |  Light design: Annegret Schalke |  Outside Eye:  Arantxa Martinez, Ana Laura Lozza | Production: Leoni Grützmacher/ehrliche Arbeit - freies Kulturbüro | Thank you to Doreen Kutzke
Funded by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Tanzfabrik Berlin