Uferstudios 4
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin
Photo: Alexandra Kinter

I am not on the blacklist

Performance · Premiere by Hyoung-Min Kim
In the frame of Open Spaces#3-2018

A life in the shadow of state censorship is an everyday event for many people. Even in places where the free expression of opinion seems to be
enshrined, we find manifestations of censorship: self-censorship. Two performers translate their experiences with censorship and self-censorship in Korea, Colombia and Germany into a new language of movement located between invisibility and unpredictability. They make the phenomenon accessible in its complexity as a social relationship, political affect and as an everyday survival strategy.

Censorship as a state-sanctioned practice and self-induced everyday practice.

Concept, choreography: Hyoung-Min Kim | Dance, Performance: Gabriel Galindez Cruz, Hyoung-Min Kim | Co-Creation: Gabriel Galindez Cruz | Music: Mattef Kuhlmey | Set design: Anja Steglich | Dramaturgy: Lisa Skwirblies | Light design: Benjamin Schälike | Video artist: Hyuantea Lee | Costume designer: Aurel Lenfert | Light assistance: Hanna Kritten Tangsoo |  Production management: Jutta Polic | A production by Hyoung-Min Kim in coproduction with Tanzfabrik Berlin, supported by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.

Hyoung-Min Kim

Hyoung-Min Kim was born in Seoul in 1980. She studied dance in Korea National University, EDDC in Arnhem and choreography in Amsterdam. Since 2004 she started to live in Berlin and worked with Toula Limnaios, Constanza Macras/Dorky Park, Thomas Ostermeier, Tommi Zeuggin, Alessio Castellacci, Lena Meierkord, Anuschka Von Oppen, Anna-Luise Recke, Santiago Blaum, Dagma Bock, Nir De Volff, Thomas Schütt, Mattef Kulmay, Benjamin Schaelike, Gabriel Galindez Cruz, Lisa Skwirblies and Fernando Nicolas Pelliccioli. She presented her work in Tanzmesse Düsseldorf, Theater Winterthur, Melkweg, Amsterdam, Nam June Paik Art Center, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Spring Wave Festival, Tanztage Berlin, SIDance Festival, Step Dance Festival, Dock 11, Dresden Projekttheater, Leipzig LOFFT Das Theater, TANZTENDENZEN Greifswald Festival. She got a prize “Best Choreography of 2014” in Korea.