SAI - Athingthatfeels

Performance · Premiere

Enrico L'Abbate aka Rilaben

In the frame of Open Spaces/Sommer Tanz 2019

S.A.I. (Acronym) Sex. Appeal. Inorganic; simple present, second person, of the Italian verb ‘sapere‘/ ‘to know‘.

»SAI« explores the sensuality of the abstract, inspired by Mario Perniola´s notion of the inorganic. Dealing with surfaces, opacity, bodies, objectification and transition, Rilaben creates an immersive decentralized landscape, a dialogue on giving and taking, and invites the audience in this uncharted territory. »SAI« proposes a nonhierarchical relation between human beings, space, time, the world we live in and the perception of beauty, between the inside and outside of ourselves.

Choreography, performance: Rilaben | Performance: Alexandra Zoe | Sound engineer, music: Errikos Stamatakis | Visuals: Pascal Stodieck | Camera: Pamela Barberi | Supported by Sosta Palmizi, Fosca, Tatwerk, Vivaio del Malcantone.

  • Wedding 4
  • Wedding 4
Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin

Tickets: 15 / 10€

Photo: Pascal Stodieck