Uferstudios 14
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin
Photo: Moritz Majce + Sandra Man 2019


Space Choreography. Growing Time by Moritz Majce, Sandra Man
In the frame of Open Spaces - Herbst

The Earth is a foreign planet. Every day it shows a different face.

There is no piece, no premiere, no stable frame. »Chora« will grow in time over 5 days up to 16 hours on the last. The whole space will be different every day. In varying media, constellations and rhythms 12 performers will appear in images of technonature, texts of terrestrial phantasies, on mobile objects as unsolid grounds. How to inhabit and how to visit an ever changing space? »Chora« is a space choreography, a liquid environment of objects, performers, images, texts and sound.

Day 1   Tue   5.11.    19:00   Audio-visual installation
A nature comes back. 

Day 2   Wed  6.11.    18:00-20:00   Ongoing live installation
Choros is a life form, Chora is its habitat.

Day 3   Thu   7.11.    17:00-21:00   Solo action for one visitor at a time
The moment is a living germ.

There is a limited number of time slots (10 minutes each from 5 pm to 8.50 pm) for individual visits on this day. Please reserve a slot in advance at: ticket@tanzfabrik-berlin.de.


Day 4   Fri     8.11.    15:00-23:00   Film + text screening
While we circle quietly.

Day 5   Sat    9.11.    09:00-01:00   Ongoing live environment
Time is an unknown territory.

Idea, space choreography, videos, production: Moritz Majce, Sandra Man | Objects: Moritz Majce | Texts: Sandra Man | Performance: Zoé Alibert, Eli Cohen, Judith Förster, Charlie Fouchier, Assi Pakkanen, Florencia Martina, Gian Mellone, Sonia Noya, Stephan B. Quinci, Laura Siegmund, Maya Weinberg, Natalia Wilk | Sound: Tschajka | Voice: Frank Willens, Sandra Man | Translation: Anna Galt | Outfit adaptation: Johanna von Raußendorf | Production: Patricia Oldenhave | Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds and Wien Kultur. Co-production: Tanzfabrik Berlin, WUK Wien.

6.11.19   20:15   Artist Talk with Marie-Luise Angerer (Uni Potsdam), Bernd Bösel (Uni Potsdam), Moritz Majce, Sandra Man and the performers. Moderation: Jacopo Lanteri (Curator Tanzfabrik Berlin).

Moritz Majce

Moritz Majce is a visual artist and choreographer. For him, the encounter between the work and the viewer is the essential artistic material. Since 2019, he has been developing "Relational Flow", a space-creating form of movement that connects visitors and performers.  www.sandramanmoritzmajce.com

Sandra Man

Sandra Man is an artist working with the media performance, text, and images, which she combines to create live art installations. Her work, focusing on the relationship between the body, language, and nature and our current ecological and technological circumstances, has been shown in theatres and art venues including Tanzfabrik Berlin, Sophiensaele, WUK performing arts Wien, Kunstraum Lakeside, HAUNT Berlin. www.sandramanmoritzmajce.com

Tickets: 15€ (see ticket page)