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Photo: Freya Copeland

Out of Our Hands

Performance · Premiere by Johanna Ackva
In the frame of Open Spaces - Herbst

Let us host life tenderly as long as it risks visiting us.

»Out of Our Hands« begins with delicately listening to our own mortality. It feels odd to live in this time and space which are said to be safer than any other time and space and to still notice a sense of disquiet. It grows within our excessive plans, our insurances, precautions and the relentless drawing up of borders against everything uncertain and foreign. »Out of Our Hands«  explores the ways in which we come in touch with other people and other worlds, if we embrace who and what we are: limited and vulnerable beings, to which life was given not as a capital, but as a gift.

Concept, choreography, dance: Johanna Ackva | Co-Choreography, dance: Anna Jarrige, Joshua Rutter | Music, Performance: Florian Juncker, Nikolaus Neuser | Video & Image composition: Max Hilsamer | Light design, technical management: Hanna Kritten Tangsoo | Outside-Eye, dramaturgy: Roni Katz | Assistance set & costume: Anita Ackva | Coproduction: Tanzfabrik Berlin | Supported by Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.

Johanna Ackva

Johanna Ackva works as an artist in the fields of dance and performance. Collaborations and collective processes are central to her approach, in which she sees the body as a site of various movements and agencies, creating physical and meta-physical textures and landscapes. Together with Carrie McILwain, Magdalena Meindl, or Philipp Enders, Johanna conceived and realised several performances. In 2019, Johanna's works *Out of Our Hands *(Open Spaces / Tanzfabrik) and *thank you for all the food that I have received in my life *(VERY / Project Space Festival) were both presented in Berlin. Together with *Suddenly *collective, she premiered the piece *ESPRIT *(Open Spaces / Tanzfabrik). In 2020, Johanna receives the Elsa-Neumann-Scholarship which supports her current research on perceptions and practices around death and dying. As a dancer / performer and dramaturge, Johanna collaborates with various dance-, film-, and visual artists. In 2019/20, she assumed the role of ada Studios in-house-critic and taught as a guest teacher at Berlin's University of the Arts. www.johannaackva.com

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