Collection of Artists

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Raquel André

In the frame of Open Spaces - Herbst

Is it possible to access an artist, through a moment of their artistic creation? Access their personal story?

»Collection of Artists« is the third chapter of Raquel André‘s »Collection of People«. This new work deals with dancers, choreographers, visual and performing artists, their practices and work tools, as well as their thoughts and biographies. Raquel André navigates through reality and fiction, fantasy and impossibility, daily and artistic life while seeking to collect the ephemeral and choreograph it into something concrete and possible through a poetic approach. As of September 2019, André has collected artists in Bergen, Faro, Warsaw, Salzburg, Cincinnati, New York, Loulé, Berlin, Orléans, Lisbon and Porto.

In English

Artist Talk after both performances.

By & with Raquel André | Co-creation: António Pedro Lopes, Bernardo de Almeida & Raquel André | Production: Missanga | Set Design: Jozef Wouters & Lila John | Music: Odete | Light Design: Carin Geada  | Costume: José António Tenente | Artistic Collaboration: Joana Brito Silva | Co-production: Teatro Nacional D.Maria II (PT), BIT Teatergarasjen (NOR), Contemporary Art Center Cincinnati (USA), Tanzfabrik Berlin (GER), Cialou/Mysl Foundation (POL), casaBranca – Festival Verão Azul / Cine-Teatro Louletano (PT), O Espaço do Tempo (PT), FITEI (PT) | Financial Support: República Portuguesa - Cultura/ Direcção Geral das Artes, Artistic Residencies BIT Teatergarasjen, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Cialou/Mysl Foundation, Cine-Teatro Louletano, Teatro das Figuras - Faro (PT), O Espaço do Tempo, FITEI, SZENE ( AT), Contemporary Art Center Cincinnati, CDN Orleáns (FR), Chocolate Factory Theater (USA) | Financial Support USA Artistic residencies: FLAD - Fundação Luso Americana para o Desenvolvimento | Project supported by apap-Performing Europe 2020 - a project co-founded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin

Tickets: 15/10€

Photo: Afonso Sousa