Uferstudios 1
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin
Photo: Evamaria Müller

We are all Teeth and Claws

Performance · Premiere by Magdalena Meindl
In the frame of Open Spaces - Herbst

I love you. I want to break something.

»What is it that you want to destroy?«, you could ask. And I could tell you a number of things. Some I take from my life, others I see in the world. But then, there is also a part that simply wants to break, for no specific reason. "We are all Teeth and Claws" is sensing into the tissues of desires for destruction.

Concept, artistic direction: Magdalena Meindl | Performance, choreography: Ivan Björn Ekemark, Magdalena Meindl, Dorota Michalak, Britta Wirthmüller | Dramaturgy: Lea Martini | Sound Design: Nikola Pieper | Costume, stage, video: Magdalena Meindl | Supported by Berliner Senat für Kultur und Europa and Ada Studio.

Magdalena Meindl

Magdalena Meindl (1988, AT/DE) is a choreographer and dancer. Since 2012 she has been active as a solo artist as well as in various collaborative constellations, leading choreographic workshops and initiating artistic exchange formats. In 2017, she co-founded the collective Suddenly. Magdalena studied dance and choreography at the HZT Berlin as well as visual arts, theatre, film and media studies and Romance studies at the University of Vienna. As a choreographer and/or dancer, she has performed at Tanzfabrik Berlin, Museum Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin, Tanzquartier Wien, Arts Printing House Vilnius and Tanzfabrik RedSapata Linz, among others.

Tickets: 9/5€