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S-11 / Breath Body Moving

Workshop with Sabine Parzer
In the frame of Open Spaces/Sommer Tanz 2017

‚The Breathing Body’ allows us to connect to the mindfulness of movement, space and conscious connections in our dance. Breathing is our first awaking impulse to connect and prepare our awareness. Evolutionary movement development reminds us of our animal nature and our own physiological development. Letting movement and sounds come out of inner sources guides us to the next place. Our inner witness helps us to move into the dance, alone and with others, by listening to our inner impulse and by keeping a neutral, non-judgmental space inside. Breathing through the rythms of our moving body, finding the valleys and peaks of our dances.

Using fundamentals from 
Feldenkrais®, Early Childhood Movementdevelopment and Applied Anatomy this workshop connects somatic principles with improvisation. It addresses our ability to be present with each breath, each movement, each contact, to be in an awakened and alert space.

People of diverse physicalities are very welcome and encouraged to attend. Unfortunately not accessible for wheelchair users.

25.7.17 Lecture with Sabine Parzer " Somatics, Pedagogy and Performance"

6 MINUTES WITH Sabine Parzer : Interview with Gabriele Reuter about this workshop.

Sabine Parzer

Sabine Parzer (AT) is head and founder of the Institute for Holistic Dance and Movement Pedagogy as well as the artistic director and founder of Contact Festival Austria. Her professional experience spans over 25 years of teaching, performing, choreographing and researching in the USA, Europe, Israel and Brazil. Sabine has a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College Chicago in modern dance, and an education in Systemische und Integrative Bewegungslehre® (an extended Feldenkrais® Training). Her choreographies and improvisational scores have been performed since 1990 in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Berlin, Vienna, amongst other cities. She teaches regularly at international dance festivals such as Impulstanz, Israeli Contact Festival, Moscow Contact Festival, Kontakt Budapest, Osterimprofestival Göttingen, Potsdamer Tanztage and at Tanzquartier Wien.
www.holistic-dance.at   www.contactfestivalvienna.com

Level: Open