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SenseOrgans & Vagus Nerve Reset (Waiting list)

Virtual Workshop Series with Ka Rustler
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Embedded in a neurochemical system, the vagus nerve influences our mental and physical well-being at all times of the day and night. Its various branches extend from our brain to the deepest bowels of our body. Given the challenges we face in our lives right now, the vagus nerve can help us deal with this complexity because it has a controlling function for the entire nervous system. In addition, it has a direct influence on the chemical messengers of our body and thus also affects our behavior and our immune system. With this workshop series, Ka Rustler would like to share her research on the dynamic interplay of the sensory organs and the individual branches of the vagus system and illustrate which self-healing powers we can activate through movement and touch on our own body and how we can influence the vagus.

In a resonance-based, fixed group, this series is for those interested in movement & dance, yoga, somatic movement and therapy, infant and child development, ergo- and physical therapy, as well as the arts and other practices related to movement, mindfulness and behavior.

Ka Rustler

Ka Rustler creates, performs and shares her research and teachings in an international circuit. As a pioneer in the field of improvisation and dance she has been a collective member of Tanzfabrik Berlin, co-author of multi - layered productions and performs with numerous artists framing social contexts theoretically situated within feminist understandings of embodied subjectivity. She is a Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner & Teacher including somatic psychotherapy, applications and methods derived from other somatic systems and their relevance in movement & artistic research, choreographic exploration and embodiment.
Level: Open
In English + German
4x Fridays
Total costs: 100€ (85€*)
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