Julian Weber

Julian Weber is a choreographer/dancer, visual artist and set-designer. Julian studied sculpture at HBK Brunswick, Academy of Arts Vienna and choreography at HZT Berlin and the Theaterschool in Amsterdam. Julian's work deals with spaces of interaction involving body, material and movement and is situated at the intersection of visual and performance art. Julian received different grants such as the Berlin Art Prize 2015 and founded NEW FEARS - a gallery for dance and performance in Berlin Wedding. www.julianweber.berta.me

  1. Performance Museum der Repliken
  2. Showing Formen Formen
  3. Performance Museum der Repliken 2
  4. Performance Fightclub
  5. Performance Constructing ruins
  6. Performance All Inclusive
  7. Performance The Perineum Triangle
  8. Performance Sight Seeing
  9. Performance Studio 13 - The Drifting Pleasure
  10. Performance Allongé
  11. Performance Allongé - postponed
  12. Performance la isla bonita
  13. Performance Allongé
  14. Performance Allongé
Julian Weber