Rosalind Crisp

Rosalind Crisp is one of Australia's foremost dance artists. In 2016 France awarded her a Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres (Dame of the Arts). Rosalind founded the Omeo Dance studio – home to experimental dance in Sydney (1996-2004), and Tanzfabrik has worked in partnership with Rosalind’s company Omeo Dance for many years. Invited to Paris in 2003, she became the first choreographic associate of Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson (2004-2012). For over thirty years Rosalind has been developing a radical physical critique of dance, through dancing. The foundation of her practice is her consistent solo studio research and her long-term collaborations with, amongst others: Celine Debyser, Max Fossati, Andrew Morrish, Bo Wiget, and dance scholars Isabelle Ginot and Susan Leigh Foster. In 2014, in acknowledgment of her influence on many generations of Australian dancers, the University of Melbourne – VCA made her an Honorary Fellow. www.omeodance.com

  1. Performance Time to Meet: Rosalind Crisp Research Lab
  2. Workshop S 07 / Undoing the body
  3. Showing Crisp & Wiget
  4. Performance International Advanced Research Lab
  5. Workshop S15 / Choreographic Improvisation – fully booked
  6. Performance (Un)Domesticated Bodies: Two Gal(ah)s
  7. Showing (Un)Domesticated Bodies: Live feed
  8. Performance (Un)Domesticated Bodies: Two Gal(ah)s
  9. Performance (Un)Domesticated Bodies: Live Feed
  10. Workshop W-02 / Choreographic Improvisation (fully booked)
  11. Workshop W-EXTRA / Choreographic Improvisation (Waiting List)
  12. Workshop 100 Ways to Pull Your Finger Out - (Waiting list)
  13. Workshop 100 Ways to Pull Your Finger Out – B (Waiting List)
Rosalind Crisp
Photo: "No-one will tell us"/Patrick Berger