Julie Carrere

Born in Paris in 1999, Julie Carrere (she/they) is a performer, dancer, and choreographer based in Berlin since 2020. The themes of her research are motivated by personal and artistic experiences and socio-political reflections. It focuses on relatability through popular references, relationships with unaccustomed audiences, the emancipation of bodies, comedy, and characterization. Julie Carrere currently develops her solo practice as a choreographer and performer in Berlin. Julie Carrere presented her work in various locations in Berlin including Hosek Contemporary, MOLT, ada Studio, Uferstudios, Tanznacht. Julie graduated with A Diploma in Choreographic Studied from the Conservatoire of Paris (2017) a Bachelor in Cultural Mediation (2022) and received the certification of Hatha Yoga Teacher 200H RYS (2022). 

  1. Kurs Contemporary
  2. Kurs Warm Up
  3. Kurs Warm Down
Photo: Melissa Schriek