Sara Lu

Sara Lu (she/they) is a Berlin-based performer, movement director, and facilitator with a background in Ballet, contemporary dance, and Butoh. In their artistic journey, they continually seek authentic expression and tools to bridge inner experiences with the physical realm, exploring somatic awareness, the use of voice and sound, and various dance and movement approaches, focusing on somatic practice, inner impulse, and Butoh.

Raised in a family of activists, Sara has evolved into an artist passionately advocating against inequalities and discrimination, both in the art-making process and the performance encounter. Since 2016, they have been working as an in-house choreographer at RambaZamba Theater, an inclusive institution that empowers artists with disabilities. 

  1. Kurs Vibrant Body
  2. Kurs Vibrant Body
  3. Kurs Vibrant Body
  4. Kurs Vibrant Body
Photo: Andi Weiland