Sigal Zouk

As a dancer, she has worked with the ensemble of Batsheva Dance Company (1994-1996), with Sasha Waltz (1999-2004), Meg Stuart (2005-2007 and today) and Laurent Chétouane (2007-2015), among others. In 2010, she won the first prize for best acting performance at the FAVORITEN theater festival in Dortmund. In addition to her career as a dancer, she has been assisting numerous choreographers in the artistic creation process since 2007, including Meg Stuart, Angela Schubot, Jared Gradinger. Sigal also teaches at various European dance departments and institutions, and engages in international collaborations with visual artists and musicians.

  1. Performance-Projekt Fields and Resonances
  2. Profitraining Movement Research
  3. Performance-Projekt To Work With What There Is…
  4. Performance-Projekt endings.beginnings.and what is in between…
  5. Profitraining Movement Research
  6. Performance-Projekt re-calibrating space & intimacy
  7. Kurs Movement Research
  8. Performance-Projekt Bodies / Shift(ing) / Paradigms
  9. Performance-Projekt Fountains of Expressive Flow
Photo: Ben Wittner