Jan Burkhardt

Jan Burkhardt is a freelance dancer/choreographer, Laban-Bartenieff Movement Analyst, musician and physiotherapist. The focus of his artistic and pedagogic work is the resonance between somatic exploration and its communication into space. Jan cooperates internationally with a variety of institutions and artists. He is regular guest lecturer at the dance universities of  Stockholm, Copenhagen and Professor für contemporary dang ein artistic context at HfMT Cologne.

  1. Performance-Projekt Fields and Resonances
  2. Profitraining Movement Research
  3. Workshop S 10 / Into the Fields
  4. Performance-Projekt To Work With What There Is…
  5. Workshop S-2 / Laban Bewegungsstudien
  6. Workshop S-07 / Bartenieff Fundamentals
  7. Performance-Projekt endings.beginnings.and what is in between…
  8. Performance-Projekt re-calibrating space & intimacy
  9. Kurs Movement Research
  10. Performance-Projekt Bodies / Shift(ing) / Paradigms
  11. Profitraining Movement Research
  12. Workshop Body//Space//Care//Taking in Urban Context
  13. Performance-Projekt designing breath//dance//air – cancelled
  14. Profitraining Movement Research
  15. Workshop Bartenieff Fundamentals