Contact Impro

Contact Improvisation with Jörg Hassmann & Daniel Werner
Further Education und Intensives 2017 - 2019

Our work focuses systematically on the technical foundation of Contact Improvisation. Developmental movement patterns – as the base for human movement – further somatic knowledge and explorative anatomical hands-on work create a link from solo movement into the dynamic and three dimensional situations of a contact duet.

The Half Year Programme 2017/18 is designed for people who already did a longer training with Daniel & Joerg. A few places are available for other experienced Contacters. In 2018/19 the Half Year Programme is again open for people with a good base in CI.

In a more compact version we‘ll share our approach in Amsterdam (2017) and Toulouse or Munich (2018).

- Eperienced Half Year Programme Sept 2017 - Feb. 2018: Berlin
- Basic Half Year Programme June/Sept. 2018 - Feb. 2019: Tanzfabrik Berlin
- Compact Training Programmes May - June 2017: Amsterdam 2018: Toulouse or Munich

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