Emerging Change Prologue

Performance · Time to Meet · Workshop
How can ecological forms of organization be used to effect change in today's society?
Under the title "Emerging Change Prologue", curators Makisig Akin & Nara Virgens will bring together artistic formats by Queer Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color from May 20-28. Inspired by adrienne maree brown's book "Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds", the week of events, which began as a double bill in 2022, is a curatorial proposal for more equality. It aims to help actively dismantle structural racism in dance.
A growing, collaborative network of support and creative networking, "Emerging Change Prologue" has several events coming up this year. Included is a premiere titled "Long & Wild" by Makisig Akin & Anya Cloud, a Time to Meet by resident artist Virginnia Krämer titled "Hair pulling" (AT) as well as the workshop „Power Tower Pishiboro Hair-Crown Making“ by Adrian Blount aka GodXXNoirPhiles.