Improvisation based movement and context exploration

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This Labbing format offers us the option to investigate interdisciplinary questions through the practice of embodiment and improvisation. Using awareness, movement, sound, voice and all other form of expression to explore what does it mean to be human, what Is dance - and which other dialogues appear from this practice. The lab invites all curious people wishing to explore improvisational scores, in a rather open format: Lia provides content for the work; practitioners are invited to come as they are, ready to dive.

Lia Amit is a body, music and words addict. Researcher of improvisation and somatic practices. Experienced yoga and movement teacher, BSW, Psychotherapist and Bodywork practitioner (Thai yoga therapy, Pantarei approach). Facilitating spaces for improvisation and connection in Israel. Currently living and deepening her creative research in Berlin.

Sun 12.1. + Sun 16.2. + Sun 1.3.  | Cancelled due to COVID-19: Sun 15.3. + Sun 29.3.2020
19:00 -21:00
The lab, as part of a personal research, will be held on a donation basis.