Open Spaces#1-2018


Remembering the Future
Warming up

Tanzfabrik Berlin has some reasons to celebrate! Proud and maybe also a little stunned by the big anniversary, it is looking back on forty years of moving history in the truest sense of the word.  

Tanzfabrik is a place for practice. Thus, during a year-long celebration it casts some spotlights on content-based, aesthetic, organizational or struc- tural focuses of the past as much as it will continue to cause movement(s) into the future. Under the motto »Remembering the Future«, the work of countless artists, thinkers and makers will be called back into memory and honored with performances, lectures, conversations as well as, of course, old film material from the early years. »Remembering the Future« is a call to not have a nostalgic view on this rich history, instead using it to disclose unforeseen possibilities towards a differing tomorrow.

As a wrap up of the anniversary celebrations, a publication will be released, dealing with recurring topics concerning Tanzfabrik and Contemporary Dance over the last four decades.

Open Spaces#1 in 2018 is the start of an entire year of anniversary celebrations. It is a warm-up for the big party that will follow in the summer, preparing its first accents.

Open Spaces # 1-2018 for flipping through