Dance Intensive meets apap

How to Watch Performing Arts

Over the course of their studies, the students of the Dance Intensive program deal, amongst other topics, with how one can discuss contemporary dance and receive the opportunity to try out a variety of communication formats: a plain post-performance discussion with artists, a sensorial or creative exchange format ranging from coming to terms with things using a piece of paper and a pen all the way to conversations in the dark. Together with the audience members, they will explore ways to better understand the performance they have experienced together visually, explorative, questioningly, reflectively and optionally as well as to find new access points to them. In order to examine ways of communicating about contemporary dance, 43 students within the Dance Intensive additional training program, the curator and dramaturg Silke Bake, the artistic director and director of education Gisela Müller as well as additional guests spend multiple days working in a workspace they designed themselves in apap production studio berlin. The events financed by apap take place within the framework of a cooperation with ABC – Art Basics for Children, which has received a decisive focus within the current four-year network project Performing Europe 2020.

Direction: Silke Bake | A project by and with the students of the training program Dance Intensive I As part of apap - Performing Europe 2020, co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union. Supported by cooperation with ABC – Art Basics for Children in Brüssel. ​ www.apapnet.eu | www.abc-web.be.

Photo: Ann-Christin Schwalm di_meets_apap