Open Spaces#3-2017


A bridge into the mythic past.

Greek myths are still anchored in the cultural memory of the west today and form a cornerstone of self-image. With myriad very human gods and goddesses and glorious as well as failing heroines and heroes, these ancient tales still serve today to make the world more tangible and understand the complexity of life. It may be a coincidence that the legacy of these stories is the origin of the analysis during the coming »Open Spaces« for multiple artists, dancers, performers, choreographers and scenographers. Kareth Schaffer follows upon Cassandra’s dark prophecies, Moritz Majce and Sandra Man transpose the story of Narcissus and Echo into a spatial installation and Felix Ott, who has drawn his inspiration for earlier productions from Greek mythology multiple times, presents a work that uses the encounter between Amor and Psyche as its point of departure.
Dance is not always what it appears to be. Everyone seeking to overcome boundaries, embrace the foreign with open arms and experience the familiar in a new vesture can look forward to these as well as other works.