Reclaiming the live aspect of the Performing Arts in the current times

We are aware that the current times are asking for pausing any process of production and to use this opportunity to reflect, think, listen, observe and eventually make some changes in our lives. But at the same time we know that some artists have an urge to respond to the current events. Since the appearance of the corona crisis we have witnessed how artists are showing their abilities to adapt quickly to new conditions and to continue producing work, especially in circumstances of uncertainty.

On one hand, the proliferation of multiple online formats in the performing arts has allowed artists to continue developing their practices and sharing their work with an audience. On the other hand, there are many artists resisting to accept this new reality as normal and feeling unsatisfied digitalizing their practices.

This is why with this working a group we would like to deviate the attention away from the online formats and to insist on thinking about what are, during these days, the chances for offline formats to continue existing. 

We propose a 4 weeks working group of 9 participants during the period from 11.04 - 11.05.2020. The participants will engage in a collective process of mutual support to develop their individual or collective experiments, artworks or research works. During the two weeks they should propose a way of answering the following question:
How to make performing arts during the current situation within the given possibilities but without relying on online format. 

The participants will decide themselves how they want to interact or communicate between each other. For example, emails or phone calls can help to set up offline meetings to test ideas or do public presentations. The participants were chosen based on personal invitations starting from Felix, Diego and Nina. Each of them will choose one person who will choose another person. The formats for the sharing / showing will be ONLY live form a meaning offline formats.

The audience will be selected upon personal invitations by the participants of the group and it will be assigned to each presentation according to the nature of each work, some artists might need only one audience member, while others might need more.

↪ Participants

Urs  Dietrich, Sonia Noya, Oscar Loeser, Jovendelaperla, Kiana Rezvani, Nina Barret Mémy, Diego Agulló, Carlos  Stefeir, Felix Mathias Ott, Jette Büchsenschütz, Rosanna Eescobar und Daniela Medina Poch.