40 Years Tanzfabrik Berlin

Remembering the Future - Tanzfabrik Berlin celebrates 40 years of activity

40 years marked by several transformations and one call that never changed: supporting, advocating and developing contemporary dance in Berlin. »Remembering the Future« is an invitation to not have a nostalgic look on this rich history, but to build on it imagining a different tomorrow.

14. - 27.07.18 Open Spaces / Sommer Tanz
Open Spaces/Sommer Tanz in this anniversary summer: a guided tour of the city by Gabriele Reuter, a poster series, a film installation and talks on the anniversary as well as premieres by a.o. André Uerba, Lina Gómez, Juan Domínguez, Enrico Ticconi & Ginevra Panzetti and the stage comeback of Gisela Müller with the Gebrüder Teichmann. Two labs around our theme „Remembering the Future“ in Kreuzberg and Wedding invite to research and exchange on the topics of memory, utopia and physical diversity in dance. 13 Sommer Tanz workshops, lectures, showings and talks with international artist teachers such as Adam Benjamin, Kirstie Simson, Jeremy Wade, Rob Hayden, Claudia Feest, Koffi Kôkô and many more complete the program to a summer that invites to both watch and participate.

We are happy to invite you to raise a glass with us and celebrate this incredible journey. Don’t miss our celebration day during Tanznacht Berlin 2018, including the launch of a publication, special projects and several performances. Come and dance with us!

03.-09.09.2018 Jubilee Edition - Dance Classes

Since 1978 Tanzfabrik Berlin is a place where the development and transmission of contemporary dance in its multiple facets, is being made accessible to a wide audience. For a week we will celebrate this place, where everything has started, and where dance has been and still is a means of encounter and exchange. During one week the doors will open to a diverse and experimental program of labs, workshops, lectures, improv sessions and jams, as well as classes in co-teaching formats. Showings, performances and a performative park walk through the Victoria Park complete this week on 7th & 8th September - everyone is welcome to join!

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Publication "Remembering the Future"

The freshly printed anniversary publication "Remembering the Future", is available for purchase (20€) during our office hours at Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg/Wedding and is also sold online at Books on the Move.
In our upcoming edition of Open Spaces#3 we will dedicate a special evening to the publication: Studio 13 - Spezial.

Initiated by a visionary group of artists in 1978, Tanzfabrik Berlin has developed to be an interna- tionally renowned production centre that welcomes thousands of artists, students and dance lovers each year. This book is an attempt to recall the milestones, developments and turnarounds that have shaped its history as well as look ahead to the challenges of the future. Rather than documenting a linear history of the Tanzfabrik, the present publication aims to show a range of different views, which all arose from the Tanzfabrik and in turn offer insight into it.